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Default Got my mount back.. With kill story.. 1/2/17

Picked up my buck from 1/2/17 at Jay's Taxidermy in Quitman Ms this week.. I was more than pleased with the results, Jay always does a great job on my mounts..

I never made a post about this deer on here when i killed him, so i figured now would be a good time for anyone who appreciates a good chase story..


Back on 1/1/17 I got off work at 6am with the intention of being off for 12 days to watch the south Ms rut as i do every year.. I had to start the time off with a trip to public land out of my stomping ground the next day so i hit the road.. Got camp set up at around 3pm and cooked supper.. I had high expectations for the morning hunt, even with never stepping foot on the property.. I had done plenty of map scouting and had a good idea of where i was going.. I was in bed by 6pm because i had been so long without sleep, i wanted to catch up before the long days of hunting to come.. I woke up the next morning to wind and hail.. There were severe thunder storms and tornado warnings in the area, but there looked to be a break at around daylight but the storms returning around lunch time.. My intention was to set my blind up on a big green field and sit out the mid day storms.. About an hour before daylight, the rain slowed to a drizzle and i packed my lunch and headed out..
I got to the green field and sat until 8am without seeing a thing.. I thought to myself that the wind was perfect and the ground was wet, i may as well do some scouting for the next couple days of hunting, and i may could sneak up on an opportunity.. A buddy that had hunted this place before told me about a spot he tried and seen a lot of does.. It was a bluff overlooking a cane thicket.. After some walking, looking and picture taking, i made it to the cane thicket at around 9am.. The wind was absolutely perfect and i was ready to take a break from the mountainous terrain, so i decided i would sit there on the ground until the second round of storms were thundering in the distance and i would make my way back to the blind.. I wasn't sitting there for 5 minutes and i see 3 huge black hogs swimming across the white water creek headed my way.. Keep in mind that several inches of rain had fallen the night before, so that creek was boomin! I got positioned and was waiting on the hogs to make their way through the thicket to where i could make a clean shot.. They got about half way to me and disappeared (Thank God!).. I was disappointed at the time, all i could figure is they laid up where i couldn't see them..
At 9:22am a borderline legal buck stands up 20yds from the base of my cliff and takes off running to the creek, i watch him swim agross.. After gathering myself, i wonder how in the world i didn't see him laying there in plain sight.. There was no way i spooked him, all i could guess is he smelled a doe or heard something i couldn't across the creek that he had to go check out.. At about 9:52am i look to my right across the ravine, and see a buck, and all his beauty, shaking the water off his antlers.. I get him in my scope and realize he ins't what i came there to shoot, but he sure was beautiful.. I made the deal with myself that if he came a certain distance, i would kill him, if he didnt, i would let him live.. The buck worked his way my direction, but found him a good place to lay just prior to my decided death line (Thank God!).. At 10:03am an almighty wind came roaring across the creek my direction.. I thought to myself while turning away from the wind gust, there is no way they will move with all this mess..
With my head still turned and the wind gust slowly fading away, i hear something coming up to my sharp left about 30yds from the base of the cliff.. It sounds like something tearing through the cane thicket.. I look over and all i see is this tall G3 and long main beam tearing through the cane.. He looked like a pis*ed off toddler.. He was literally stomping and swinging his head side to side pulling his antlers out of the cane that was dragging and getting hung up between his beams, ears and eyes.. .. I could hear him breathing like he had been chasing for hours.. I thought to myseld "God i hope he is legal cause im fixing to pay a ticket if he isnt".. There was one window a little ways ahead of him and i made myself wait until i had the perfect shot.. He stepped into the opening at about 30-40yds and i stopped him with a "HEY",, once i seen the width through the scope, there was no doubt in my mind of his legality.. I shot him in the high shoulder, and it came out a little below mid ways in the shoulder.. Even with that perfect shot, he done a death march for about 40 yds to the top of a little nole and turned to look back at me.. I chamered another round directly, but the shot wasn't clear enough for a follow up.. I looked at the biggest buck of my life for a split second through the scope and it was like he was telling me "well, you got me".. He slipped over the edge and i heard a thump..
I was shockingly calm until this point, seeing the other deer had already made my heart race so i was fully prepared for him when he showed up.. After the thump, i called my brother who i had been texting this entire hunt (how i know the chronology so well), and had a mild panic attack.. I told my brother that he was the widest deer i had ever killed and would not doubt him to score 150.. He laughed because he thought there was no way, i was just over reacting.. I finally gathered myself enough to walk down to the deer.. I topped the nole and i see his butt sticking out of a hole in the side of the hill.. He had dragged himself under the vines looking like he was trying to hide.. I reached into the vines and grabbed his G3 and could not believe my eyes.. I dropped his head and tool off back to the top of the hill, before running back to take one picture so my brother would believe me..

That was an excitement that i believe will never be matched, i was the proudest hunter alive that day, and i still appreciate the experience that the deer gave me..

After the long journey back to the truck, the thunder began.. I got to the warden shack and he offered to help me get the deer and my blind from the green field with the gator before the storms fully set in.. We winched the deer up the cliff and we pulled up the the skinning shed to our phones warning us of the tornado warning..

The rest is history, and since your reading this, i didn't die in the skinning shed that day like i thought i was.. I sure would have died a happy man!

My best buck to date and on Mississippi public land..

165 2/8"
20" wide
27.5" main beams
4.5yo according to jaw bone..

Thanks for reading!


"In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen."

-Theodore Roosevelt

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Fine animal! Thanks for sharing the hunt.
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Wow what a beautiful deer and mount. Thanks for sharing!
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Congrats on a beautiful buck and great mount.
John 3:16
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Buck of a lifetime! I tip my hat.
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Awesome deer man and great story!
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Congrats! Kinda makes you feel like a rock star! Great buck and story.
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That's a goodun!!! Congrats!!
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Heck of a buck! Enjoyed the story. Thanks for sharing. Congrats!
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Beautiful buck, congrats.
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