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liv2hunt75 03-13-2018 07:59 AM

Catfish Tournament
Catfish tournament is coming to Greenwood on the24th of March.

1) this is a rod only tournament no other method is permitted.
2) no drinking or drugs are allowed
3) 3 person teams are allowed with no age restriction ...
4) 6 rods will be allowed for each boat
5) total entry for each tournament will be 70 dollars
6) any legal baits can be used
7)all fish must be weighed in alive
8) from start to finish there will be a scale master available to keep fish healthy.
9)all fishing will be done by boat unless otherwise specified.
10) any tie will be broken by big fish weight
11) blues ,flatheads , and channels are only fish allowed for this competition.
12) unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for disqualification.
13) a hundred feet will be the rule for distance from other competitors
14)captains meeting will proceed each tournament before launching.

I think that the Captains meeting is at 6.

Lead Head Duck 03-29-2018 11:04 PM

Any other tournaments?

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