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Default Private sales of firearms

If you buy a firearm of any sort from anyone (on this site or otherwise) make the transaction face to face or through an individual with a FFL. Even with face to face transactions, either look for a local police department that has established a safe transaction location or find a suitably safe location. DO NOT BUY GUNS VIA THE INTERNET EXPECTING THE GUN TO BE SHIPPED TO YOU. ANY SHIPMENT OF A FIREARM SHOULD BE MADE TO A FFL HOLDER.

Recently, a well respected member of this site reported the following:
Not sure which site this person seen that I was looking for a cheap 22 or 380 pistol because I only posted that I was looking for one on here and the MSGO site but I received an email from a supposingly Peter Hank, email: [email protected] He just by chance had a Hi-Standard Sentinel .22 Revolver that he was willing to sell to me for $150 but dropped it immediately to $100 when I jokingly ask him if he could do better than that on his price. Peter Hank said that when he received confirmation of my $100 payment to Moneygram he would ship the pistol to me via Fed Ex or UPS with a tracking #. I asked him how he was going to ship from a non FFL to a non FFL and he said he had it licensed (whatever that means). Just a heads up to stay alert.
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