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Originally Posted by fins2furs View Post
My 1st year to plant anything so learning. Planted sunflowers mid April in strips every couple weeks and applied pre emergents but grass took them over and they donít look great but got some to come up. Brown top millet was planted about a month later and looks decent with heads starting to show. Plan is to spray the sunflower strips and then burn it. Is that the best scenario to clean it up? Millet Iím undecided as to just cut in strips or burn it. Thoughts?
Iíd spray sunflowers, then mow, then burn. Need to mow to bust up the seed heads. Iíd also spray the millet wait til itís brown then mow and burn the same afternoon. You at least need to mow the millet before burning. It burns too well when standing and lots of those tiny seeds would be burned up.
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