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Default Snake in the house

Well...last night there was plenty of excitement for all at my place. All 3 of my kids are home (ages 18, 20, 22), and three of their friends were visiting late. About 10:30pm just as I dozed off there was all sorts of commotion outside our bedroom door, and my wife and I angrily called out "BE QUIET OUT THERE!!" Then we heard a reply no one wants to hear: "There's a SNAKE in the house!"

My son Luke had seen the snake slither under the folding louvre doors to a hall closet. After everyone stopped freaking out Luke and I pulled out all the stuff on the closet floor, and the snake wasn't hard to find - between 3-4ft rat snake, coiled up in the corner hissing at us! LOL. While I was devising a plan, Luke returned from the kitchen with an oven mitt, reached in and grabbed the snake by its head, marched down the hallway with the girls - mostly my wife - shrieking, and hurled it off the front porch into the yard just like an old pro!

My wife is still on edge, convinced there are more. But after a little investigative work I'm pretty sure this was a singular event. I found where a piece of weather stripping under the kitchen door had pulled loose leaving a gap large enough to accommodate a skinny snake with a small head. Watching how our cats basically tracked the snake's scent through the den to the closet I'd bet money that snake was looking for a meal around our kitchen door and may have been attracted to either the smells or the cooler air coming from underneath the door.

Certainly an eventful Sunday night!
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