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Default My opening day..

I had opening day off, so I figured I would take full advantage of it, being I have to work the next 6 days.. I had two particular bucks that i really wanted to get after early in the season before the patterns changed.. I have a 130" 8 point on one property i hunt and a giant 4 point on the other.. The 8 point was in a much more sensitive area, so I decided to hunt the 4 point opening morning and the 8 in the afternoon..

The 4 point was on camera between 5:30a and 6:30a most every morning, so I snuck into the stand around 4:50a.. Of course, the deer were there waiting on me and blew the trees down.

I climbed up to hunt anyway and up until 8:07, there was nothing.. Finally, a doe eased into shooting range and I decided it was a good time to break the ice..

I took her home, grabbed some lunch, cleaned my arrow and sharpened my broadhead.. I had one new one and a couple that had been re-sharpened..

I got to the land where the big 8 point was and the timber company decided to start cutting timber on the opening day of deer season..

I spun around and drove back to the same stand i hunted at that morning (45min drive), being it was the only stand with a good wind.. At around 3pm, I had a coyote slip in.. I didn't have enough time to swop to an old broadhead, so i sent the last new one I had at him.. Upon release, the bottom of my bow smacked the seat of my stand and the arrow went two feet above him..

At this point, I was back to my old arrow and broadhead from the morning hunt.. I figured there was no way I would see much, but i was enjoying the beautiful day anyway..

I seen several does, and a couple young bucks early.. At around 6:50p, I see what looks like a brahman bull walk out directly under my stand.. He was almost into my big shooting lane when a couple bucks in his group started fighting right inside the wood line.. He spun around and started trotting towards them.. He stopped in a tiny shooting lane, and i let an arrow fly..

It wasn't as easy of a recovery as i had hoped, but after a phone call, some K9 help and a long time of worry, I had this brute in my hands! He went around 150-200yds.. He was 10yds from the base of my tree, so i hit him high and it was supposed to come out low.. I guess my bow didn't have enough KE to push the arrow through this big joker..

He weighed 200lb on the dot.. Main beams came out to R - 20" and L - 20.5"

Everyone keeps calling him a cull (or coil), but i refuse.. I am treating this buck as he is, a Trophy that deserves recognition! He will be on my trophy wall a long time to come..

Thanks everyone, and have a safe/blessed season!

"In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen."

-Theodore Roosevelt

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