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Originally Posted by HNHOutdoors View Post
You are the man,,, thank you sir!
You are more than welcome, glad to help!

Now that I can see that buck so much better, WOW..what a stud! Tell anyone who calls that a "cull" to kiss off! That is absolutey a trophy. You'll see countless more "symmetrical" 6-8-10 points than you will something like that. I'll take something rare and interesting over "perfection" any day! How long are those beams? What about the bases? Seems like an older deer.

As for your experince with your arrow, perhaps take a look at the theories being discussed by "The Ranch Fairy," a guy named Troy Fowler who's a dedicated student of Dr Ed Asby. His Youtube channel is excellent, and I'm thinking about moving my setup that direction. You may already know about this and have opinions. In that case, just disregard. But since everything he does is to maximize penetration, it came to mind when I read your story.

However, with your start to the season it's clear you don't need any help from me or anyone else!
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