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This afternoon I picked a spot where I put up a ground blind(there are no decent trees to get in) a couple months ago. The food plots are coming up nicely and the deer are hammering this particular one. I got into the blind around 430 and at 630 this guy walks out of the thicket. He gets to 23 yards and I come to full draw. As soon as I do that the buck turns and faces me. I waited for what felt like an eternity for him to turn and I finally couldn’t hold it anymore and I let down. The buck meandered around for a few minutes before giving me a shot. I watched the blue Nockturnal zip to the deer and the buck dropped where he stood. The arrow went through the shoulder, angled up and hit the spine so there was no tracking required. Hunting out of a ground blind, especially with a bow, is a lot different that what I’m used to but it worked out. Is he my biggest? Nope. But if you saw the grin on my face you would’ve thought I killed a 160”. Man I love shooting deer with my bow!

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