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Was my first time hunting archery, bought a crossbow this year just to try it out, and got a doe Saturday evening right before I was headed home (she was dry as a bone milk wise). Actually mis judged and missed her (I range-finded some spots but got excited and counted too many lines in the scope and shot over), didn't want to try and reload that thing in the stand, said screw it, climbed down in a climbing stand, saw her again still walking around, reloaded, and took the 2nd shot from 20 yards.

No one's hunted this place in over 10 years, everything around it is pasture, so they've never seen a hunter, we're just those guys that fill up the corn things. It's almost too easy.

Got spotted Thursday by a doe that blew and run em all off, let a dinky 6 point walk on Friday.

Brother missed one same time I got mine, said he saw 9 deer, took a longer shot than he should have as the close one was obviously still nursing.

Want to try and hit it Sunday after the storm and get another if everything co-operates. Problem is we still have several does that are nursing 3-4 fawns still around but they about old enough to wean. One was eating leaves and stuff around the pond I was over.

Have no facilities out there, was a good time sleeping in a hammock all weekend though.

Kind of want to get a normal bow now, that crossbow is heavy and bulky to be honest and don't see much advantage other than it's pre-drawn for you, but can't reload in the stand.
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