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Default Do you hunt that ONE deer?

Well...I'm in a situation we've all encountered. Very early in season (or in preseason) we get a pic or other confirmation that a BIG buck is in one of the areas we hunt.

What to do?

I hunt public lands, and over the years I've found many spots I like to hunt. Normally, I rotate these spots according to time of year, weather, wind, pressure, food sources, etc. Every few years I'm tempted to abandon that approach and focus on ONE area after learning a big buck is spending most of his time in that place.

In the past focusing on a single deer has produced mixed results. No doubt it tends to result in getting fewer opportunites - and fewer deer in the freezer - but at least twice I did get my target. One season when I hunted one buck I sort of "gave away" another spot to a buddy, since I wouldn't be hunting that spot, and he wound up killing a big 10 pt I didnt even know existed! lol

Do y'all get obsessed with a single deer or keep hunting normally?
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