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Default Food plot help for a newbie

For years my dad has put in a small food plot on his property. When the kids were young it was for them to get their first opportunities. Then he kept the tradition so he could see deer when he was piddling around. Well...as hard as it is to acknowledge it, he just can't do it anymore. So I want to surprise him and do his food plot myself. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I know NOTHING about planting a food plot! I did help Dad a couple years, but it would be something like driving the tractor or 4-wheeler a little bit. He did all the planning and the work. So I really need some very basic instruction.

Is it still early enough? I can start work tomorrow. I need to bush-hog the area (approx 1-1.5 acres) and then disk it. Dad would normally mix the seed with the fertilizer and cast it out by hand. Then he would drag a gate from a chain-link fence behind his 4-wheeler to mix it all in, then finish with a water-filled roller behind the 4-wheeler. His little plot always turned out great.

Do I still have time? What plot mix should I buy? How much and what kind of fertilizer? Can I skip any of the steps above? Is there a better way? Thank you!
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