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  1. kjb
    06-02-2020 12:00 PM - permalink
    Hey man! Nathan told me you were the trapping expert. I have a piece of property in Yazoo county and have had it for a little over three years. Before we built our house, I got tons of pics of foxes on my game cameras. Since we built, I have not had any pics. We have chickens & have had one go missing while we had them out roaming. Since then, we have seen a fox twice walk the road in front of my house, in the last two weeks. Nothing has bothered our chickens in the pen, it's pretty secure. Anyway, yesterday I walked across the road and through the woods to the bass pond on my neighbors property. I found the remains of a turkey & there were several spots that could have been fox holes. This only 100 yards or less from my house. I was thinking of getting a live animal trap to catch the foxes. I killed a nice turkey this year across the road on that property and this is the first in three years I have heard one gobble over there. Any tips on how to use a trap to get these fox?

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